Wednesday, June 9, 2010

to the west!

So, come Sunday an epic adventure will begin as J Beards and I live out an insane and wonderful venture.

Here's the plan:
Athens---> Long Branch SP, Missouri
Long Branch---> Guernsey SP, Wyoming
Guernsey---> Yellowstone
(hang in Yellowstone for 4 days)
Yellowstone---> Badlands, South Dakota
(hang in the Badlands for 2 nights)
Badlands--> Pleasant Creek SP, Iowa
Pleasant Creek---> Detroit for the US Social Forum

From there, I'll head to the Machias, Maine with the Beehive Collective.

Here's to an epic summer
(but first, an epic goodbye...)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

brown town

jumping together with a smile larger than possible
the last strike and everyone knew.
as i walked towards those gnarly stairs,
my shirt wet with sweat, i looked over my shoulder.

it was an embrace that said thanks.
thanks for everything we don't know how to put into words
and for all the times we tried
it said this is the end of an era

i don't know if that's what it said for them
but as i watched it, i felt it inside
walking up those stairs
leaving a room humid with sweat
i knew it might be my last.

maybe its an end to an era
maybe its just the first of a series
i cant really tell yet but i know
it feels like i've broken up with someone i love
and i can't even convince myself they aren't worth the tears


yesterday, emily played at a brown town show. it wasn't a last, but it was close. needless to say, i was feeling sentimental. she played a song for every season. i can't recall the exact lyrics, but her winer song went something to the effect of 'isn't it strange, that i finally feel at home and now i'm leaving?'

i almost cried. it's weird when others say what you feel better than you can, but it happens. especially in music.

i've loved athens for many years, but never have i felt such love and connection as i do now. i finally feel like i really know what a home it, what a place can be, and the connections that can be built.

but, in less than one week- i'll leave.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

a hairy progression