Monday, August 19, 2013

wanna crush?

My life has changes a whole lot since i started this blog. Looking back at my first post, I'm reminded of why I started it. I started it to share my life with the people who I don't get to see every day. I started it to remind myself that today, this day, this moment, is worth enjoying. I started it to up the ante on being adventurous, and redefine that to include the day to day.

In the past couple years, my life has expanded and stretched far beyond what I could have imagined sitting in my kitchen, on the cold winter day that I started this blog. It has been more adventurous- and my life has kept me on my toes, if nothing else. But today, it's a little calmer. I'm not racing around the country as fast as I can or living in the mountains working with some of the most badass folks I know, or... wait.

Lets start that again. Today, my life continues to be full of adventures.

Enter: life in columbus!

I can't possibly capture what my life looks like- not really. and if i did, it would probably seem boring and more like a to-do list than a celebration (if i'm not careful, it can feel like a to-do list...). But, I am finding my life filled with awe inspiring people, change making work, bread baking (and money makin'), collective house livin', and more.

One project I'm feeling mega excited about these days- is the Columbus Capital Crushers! We're a group of radical cheerleaders. That's right. We're cheerleaders. We're taking the anti-gloabalization movement of the early 2000's as a catalyst- and borrowing words, moves, and general inspiration from folks like the Boston Sass Attack, Syracuse System Shakers, and the Rowdy Racoons. We're basically here to raise a ruckus.

{Spitting a mean game and riling folks up at the Summer Recess event last month!}

We wanna add spunk and pep to radical events and rallies we like, and we wanna up the ante on ones we think are alright. We wanna push back against things we don't like, and we wanna have lots of fun and be creative. All at the same time. We've been writing cheers, making moves, and altering existing routines to suite ourselves.

{I feel confident we have the best meetings- ever. Seriously, we played on a slip and slide during one of our meetings during the Summer Recess event. It ruled.}

We've got a pretty diverse set of cheers, and its building! One of my favorites (as an indebted person, no doubt) is Lets Talk about Debt. Think about it to the tune of Lets Talk about Sex.

So whaddya say? Wanna talk about Debt!?

Lets talk about Debt, Baby
Let's talk about you and me
Lets talk about all the money
Banks are Stealing
Lets talk about Debt!
Let's talk about Debt!

We've done a couple events so far, and are looking forward to doing more. We did the Doo-Dah parade (check out some photos here, here, and here!), We Won't go back Rally, and an upcoming Planned Parenthood fundraiser.
{gettin' fierce at our first performance- the Doo Dah Parade}

If you wanna crush with us, give us a call - (614)526-TEAM (or talk to me, of course)