Sunday, December 19, 2010

best. cutest. smartest. ever!

That's right- i didn't forget about this thing (just forgot about my camera for a while...)

and since getting back to ohio- i've been doing lots of sleeping, sitting, reading--- all pretty non-blog worthy things. But i've also been doing a lot of hanging out with family and friends.

Generally I forget to take photos of such lovely things- unless of course- those family members happen to be the best, cutest, and smartest kids. ever. (ever!)

nels- is perhaps the biggest fan of the true cost of coal there is. he's super content asking questions about it for hours--- way beyond my attention span to keep answering him. So, while his brother colored---- he studied. and asked. and looked. and studied.

see? the cutest!

hot chocolate for a snack? well--- whipped cream anyway.

And when i got the coal banner in the mail (woo!), we naturally made a tent out of it...

inside the tent...

imagine this- happening for about 45 min straight. finn could barely stand up he was so dizzy. who knew parachute people could be so much fun? (well- finn and nels did i guess).

My mother and I met Colin and Rick- and their babies- to go to the santa train in elaware. but, we had to wait in line for a long while (hence- the well bundled miss Kayla)

my mama and her granbaby

all aboard the train!

cheezin it

just had their train tickets punched

kayla and colin-- checking out the model trains


Nels delivered his letter (and his brothers letter) to santa. Finn asked for toys, candy and books. Nels had a much more specific list--- some highlights? a remote control dinosaur (or boat... either one) and toothpaste (clearly- what 5 year old doesn't ask for that for christmas?)

Kayle totally hung out with santa--- unlike finn who would have nothing of it

finny in a pretty sweet conductor hat

Time to bake cookies! yes!

First up, sugar cookies

Kayla can make them, too

stars, hearts, and christmas trees

icing cookies

green, yellow, and purple frosting---- purple was by far the most popular choice.

very, very thoughtful

so much work, so very tired...

Mixing dough for snickerdoodles

squishing the snickerdoodles into cookies

and of course--- after baking so many cookies- you have to eat some, too!

so delicious!

thats all for now- but you can pretty much bet on more photos soon...