Sunday, November 21, 2010

the last leg

Well, tour is over. I'm currently in Columbus, GA and we're all resting after a long weekend of cross-pollinating at the School of Americas Watch mobilization. We've been on tour since Appalachia Rising, and since tour has started, I've probably traveled more than I have in my collective life up to that point.

I believe (though, it's hard to remember) I spent time in 12 states- Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts, Rhodes Island, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Woah.

After Michaela left us in NYC, we headed to Dickenson College in PA, and then off to Swathmore, outside of Philadelphia. We had dinner with a up and coming artist collective at the school- who is currently planning a mural about local and sustainable food in their dining area- and had a really great show there. Awkwardly, we stayed in a very fancy hotel-type-place.

We were very out of place and the fellow visitors had a hard time believing we were supposed to be there.

It could have something to do with our weird habits of rolling posters in public spaces...

We also had a chance to check out their very beautiful campus- including the outdoor amphitheater, rose garden, and very elegant buildings.

We headed to a community art space in Wilmington, DE- where they had our posters up as art in their gallery and many other amazing pieces of art (like drawings of bees!)

It was a small, but great crowd.

In baltimore, erin and i both got hair cuts and stayed with Sara and her partner.

We left baltimore, and got to have breakfast with my Aunt in Rockville, Maryland before she headed out of town. We were able to stay there for 2 days, and do a show near by at the University of Maryland, as well as see my uncle. We also got to see (some of) the Appalachian tour- group photo- horrah!


Before leaving, we switched cars. Sam and Recent said bye to Claire- allowing Claire to ensure Erin and I's safe and un-broken down travels for the rest of tour (plus- when it rains, there isn't the constant fear of the duct tape/ply wood/tarp back window leaking and destroying all of our posters!).
And Erin and I said good riddance to little red (just kidding- little red treated us well and we tried to be stewards of the truck- making sure to get it a new tire, an oil chance, check all fluids- and even get to windshield wipers) before sending it home to Maine, to be back with Nicole and the rest of the hive.

We stayed with Erins lovely grandparents in Greensborow, NC for a couple days. Erins grandpa- 'bamboom'- played us some music on the bagpipes.

And Erin gave her nanna and some family friends and relatives a small kitchen table presentation- which- they loved.

Erin and I stopped to watch the sunset for a bit on the way to her fathers in Charleston, SC.

I don't know who would write 'erin smells'- but some things... are undeniable.

Drawing in the sand.

Brea bought erin and i wax mustaches- grape flavored- which we tried on together while packing the cars (with the midwest tour- Sophie, Tyler, and Nikki!!!!) outside of the home of an ally in Atlanta GA.

Yup, that's a dollar in the toilet in our hotel room in columbus, ga. I think we all need to drink more water...

The six of us- Nikki, Sophie, Brea, Erin, Tyler and I- all set up bright and early saturday morning for the SOA watch mobilization.

Last moment sign making and patch prepping...

followed by many hours of story telling...

and more story telling. in between- talking and listening to folks about the beehive, coal, war, free trade... the works. Its a pretty strange event- but it was fun to be there with the beehive and chat a million and two people up about the work.

And now- we're all in the hotel letting things wind down and getting ready to all head out on our various adventures- florida, new orleans, machias... and ohio. And while tour has been fun (and challenging, educational, empowering, scary, motivating... and many other things) the idea of sleeping in one place for a while sounds really nice- particularly with the knowledge that when I do ground my feet, it will be in Ohio with all my family and many wonderful friends.