Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blackfly Ball!

Whew! It took me a week and a half, but I did it! I've posted photos of the 5th Annual Blackfly Ball!

It was so much fun and I'm pretty sure there were lots of others who agree. Everyone was dressed up and looking extra great. It was one of the most amazing inter-generational things I've ever done, and I was joined by give or take 700 others! All I can say is all my friends who couldn't come this year better clear their calendars for next years ball and make their way to Machias!

Most these photos were taken by Neko. You can see a very full album from the ball on his flickr site!

The Grange, happy to be very filled with very happy people.

Orange River Jazz band kicking the night off. The members played in the Grange when they were my age, and are still preforming together in the grange- love it!


Ivan- first up on the second stage.

Sassy Pants.

Local music outside!

We're cute, it's true.

Joe Overton and friends played music for the square dance! There were so many people dancing that we had to move lines up to the stage and the balcony. The floor moved so much that and was really amazing!

It was fun- but some folks thought it was all a bit scary, too

So many people- everywhere!

I really love this photo


Second Stage

Time for torches!

Debo Band played a really great set, it had everyone dancing!

Dancing outside during debo.

Debo Band!

Playing out in the crowd


Face Paint for everyone!

Oh Yeah?

I love everything about this photo and refuse to explain any of it.

Our lovely dragonfly!

Outside distro

Happy hive

Look at all those beautiful patch quilts!

Josh loves me!

The Ukulele Orchestra!

Dancing during the Ukulele Orchestra

RMO lines up outside... ready to march the Ukulele-ers out.

The Ukulele Orchestra left out the window... literally.

RMO shaking it up

After storming the Grange, RMO took their show on the road.

They marches out the Grange...

They went across the street...

And into the park to play the rest of their set on the second stage.

Rude Mechanical Orchestra played an AMAZING show, and did a really great rendition of Deceptacon by Le Tigre about MTR.

More photos of RMO playing!

they all
Fell Down.

Happy Bee!!

Dance off (RMO said it was their first one!)

Sam and Erin give a shot out to the band and wrap up the night.

The beautiful stage.

Checking out the True Cost of Coal poster as the ball winds down.

All things must come to an end...

Unless lots of folks come over for a huge campfire in the backyard.

Many tents filled our yard!

Yup, there was lots of dancing and lots of fun. Can't wait til next years ball!
(Blackfly Ball Baking post to come, along with the last week+ of the Work party.)