Saturday, August 7, 2010

Week 1 of August

So, We are now officially through the first seven days of the work party! We've been up to ALL sorts of exciting things around Machias, some of which I've managed to catch photos of.

This is out August Work Party calendar! Each post it note is folks who have said they'd be here... and we've had a lot of surprises already (10 folks maybe?). It seems a bit wild- and it's only going to get more so! So great.

The first night we had a very full house, we kicked off dinner with a cheers. We then decided that would be the last dinner in the house for a while, and it was time to move all meals to the grange- too many people for our dining room!

We picked vegetables at a friend's garden, and to spite filling a trunk with fresh vegetables- carrots, turnips, green beans, snap peas, zucchini, and yellow squash- we were back to the grocery store after just a few days (who knew 20+ people would eat so much?)

We started to strip the doors to get the paint off (which- is probably lead). Much work is still needed on them...

We joined the grangers for the potluck before the meeting. It was so great to have the grange so full of people eating and enjoying themselves!

This is a mind map style to-do list in preparation for the Blackfly Ball. I was given the task of making sure that 600+ people have baked goods in their hands all night long, the coffee is nonstop, and the give or take 100 folks who camp out at our house the night of have dinner and breakfast in the morning. Woah. Prepair for summer of baking!

While all of our giant coal banners are out on the road, we did a coal presentation with work party folks anyway. Using the slide show and print posters- erin worked through the True Cost of Coal with our new friends.

Everyone took a hike along the bold coast. I can't start to capture the beauty that is the coast, so instead I tried to capture us enjoying it's beauty.

More photos from near the coast. This was through a field, right behind us was a lot of wild blueberries, raspberries, and some blackberries, too!

We stopped on a rocky beach and had lunch, and a quick rest, too.

One really cool thing some of us got to do, was go to a blueberry workers camp (wymans). We had a translator to speak spanish, and presented on Plan Columbia. I only caught the last 15 min, but I was really glad I was there. Everyone was really into it.

Today, was a 'day off.' I spent a lot of time in the kitchen- making bread, granola, and hummus to help get us through the week- with the help of these fine folks.

We also took out the 'support beams' that were put in a while ago. The floor is a spring loaded dance floor, which means it's made to have a lot of give to it. This also means, people often think it's going to fall down when people dance on it. So, long story short support beams were added, but really that just meant the floor couldn't take the pressure it was supposed to, and there was added pressure to other parts of the grange. There are even metal pipe-like things that go across the ceiling/floor that have to be tightened a very small amount, every 25 years. (they just don't make 'em like they used to). So, for dance lessons tomorrow, the floor will be ready to bounce!

We had a great dinner- and a full house.

After dinner, we held a skill share. Erin helped teach people how to make fliers using Photoshop. It was very helpful- and I'm totally stoked to try it myself (about time I put the photoshop I have on my computer to use)

After the Photoshop skill share, we all came down for a birthday cup cake break! (I made cupcakes today, too).

Just another cupcake munch time.

The second skill share was a joint effort- of first aid. One part of it was the technical side- how to care for a burn, what to do if you have hypothermia, stings, etc. Daniel even made a zine so we could have notes ourselves after!

The second part of the workshop, was hebral medicine- in relation to first aid. Lots of good ideas, but I think I'll need a written refresher (the surprise- nettles!)

And now, I'm hoping to go to bed soon- tomorrow will be filled with menu planning for the ball, maybe a swim, perhaps a bike ride, and planning for the next week of shenanigans!


  1. Wow Molly, it all looks amazing. Wish I could be there to help, looks like a lot of beautiful people. Keep up the good work and the cupcakes!

  2. molly, i want to have 7,000 bee babies with you. are you available? please call me.