Monday, August 23, 2010

Work Party: Week 3!

We just finished up week 3 (15- day of the 21st) of the August Work Party! A lot of this week was doing prep for the Black Fly Ball- including the intense increase in numbers leading up to it. This doesn't include Blackfly Ball photos- because that deserves a page for it's self- which will come- but just all the fun and work that lead up to it in the 3rd week of our work party!

On Sunday morning, the Greenhorns finished up some workshops- including Seaweed harvesting. I found out that all seaweed is edible, but some are tastier and some have more nutrients than others.

Erin doing her thing- making sure the railing was cut, sanded, and painted to be put together for the ramp!

Painting railing pieces.

Sam worked on some finishing touches on the railing for the Grange.

Just a snack in the back seat while riding out to 6 Mile Lake... we crammed a bunch of people back there and had to spoon to fit in.

Just pokin' dimples at the Lake...

One of many campfires for the week--- yay!

Frye came by the house to play us a couple songs before booking his set for the second stage during the Local music sections during the Ball. Naturally- it resulted in a full sing along in the side yard.

The first official Beehive Goodbye of the Work Party. Evan had to get to school and couldn't stay for the Ball. We all missed her being there... lots.

We had up to 5 people playing on two side-by-side pianos at one time in the Grange one night after dinner. Guh- so fun!

What's that? People worked hard to roll posters? That seems to be a theme...


We had a talent show and open mic on the second stage we built in the park. It was really cute and everyone did really cute, talented and silly things. Even I (who have NEVER before done any such thing...) did a double rainbow rendition with Erin and Bree.

Ugg did a animated and very funny monologue of Alice's Restaurant. Yes- he know the whole thing. By heart.

Brandon and helpers played Charlie Brown styled acordian while some folks waltzed in the background.

Anna preformed a dramatic reading of the ingredients to marshmellows-- including the information for Hanaford's if you have any questions or concerns. Good to know...

Recent magnified her mouth to show the three ways she can fold he tongue.

Josh and Nikki wrote a song together about their experienced leading up to getting to the Hive and had the crowd sing the chorus with them. So. Cute!

Mica sang us a couple songs... really beautiful.

Nicole worked really hard- with the help of many- to make the most magical background and decorations for the ball... ever. Just get ready for those photos. Amazing.

Making flower arrangements for the ball... oh my!
Another sneak peak of the decorations for the Ball! Yeah... we made those out of tin cans. Skill.

Painting signs for folks from the church doing Blueberry Festival stuff. They looked really cute when they were done!
Decoration set-up in the park.

Making huge amounts of Hummus to keep bellies full and happy between meals.

Soaked beans.... lots of Beans.

Joe helped me do the last minute baking for the Ball... like lemon squares and frosting!

The Grange is getting pretty crowded at meals... we were up to around 60 a couple days before the Ball.
Joe Overton and friends played a square dance after dinner the night they arrived. It was really cute and everyone had a very fun time. They'll play the Blackfly Ball, too!

Jus churnin' and readin'

Friday night dinner

On Friday night, we gave a presentation on The True Cost of Coal poster to everyone who was around. It was really great because some folks from the coal fields were able to add to it and share their experiences and stories.

Friday night, old time by candle light in the dining room. Pure magic.

An impromptu sing along/dance party took place in the kitchen Friday night. The house was so full of people and it was really fun.

Here's a video of the end of a dance... fun fun fun fun!

Folks working hard to set up the Fair Booth tent outside the Grange.

Eating some homemade icecream... yum yum yum!

The Rude Mechanical Orchestra marched into town and played at the Blueberry Festival before the Ball.

RMO on the church steps!

RMO playing, dancing, fun-ing it up in Machias. People LOVED it!

Trombone limbo!

Indoor distro set up... with a smile.

Doing some distro preperation... fold, fold, fold!

Ha ha ha ha. Who knows...

Working wicked hard to finish up the patch quilt.

Yeah, that's homemade icecream. Me oh My.

Face painting outside the Grange right before the Ball starts...

Finishing touches on the fair booth right before the Ball...Air guitar + hanging lanterns in the park

Our yard turned into a mega packed tent city. By around midnight... you could barley walk to each tent it was so crowded!

Whew. A lot of work happened during this week for the Ball. Way more than can be captured in a a few photos. And while the ball has already happened and we are in the down swing of it- I'm not quiet ready to get photos of it up... one thing at a time. Also soon to come, a whole post about Baking for the Ball- including all the recipes.

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