Wednesday, May 26, 2010


conversation with my mother:
(walk through the door)
How short is it?

How short is what?

Your hair, did you shave your head?

What? No?

(walk into living room)

Oh. That's not so short. Its kinda nice.

Ha- did I tell you I was cutting my hair?

No. But you said you had something to show me so I assumed you shaved your head. Did you get a tattoo?


A piercing?


Oh geez. What then?

(leave and walk back in the room with a banjo, to play her the first song I learned. little does she know my hair is now shorter than it was then- and will get even shorter soon)

conversation with nels:
Molly! mumble mumble

Nels, I'm making lunch, come in here to talk to me


nels, come talk to me.

Molly... mumble

Ah. Nels
(walks into other room)

we're stuck in the dog cage!

ahahahaaha! I guess thats a good reason to not come talk to me...

conversation with my mother (and father):
(at dinner)
Is that a watch?


Why are you wearing a watch? so you can see what time it is when you're on a bike, and be more safe by not using your phone? Just tell me that so I don't think you use your phone on you're bike.

Well no, it's part of my getting ready to not have a cell phone anymore.


Well- in the fall- i'll get rid of it.

(continues shocked look)

I mean, I won't have service in the valley. and it won't make sense for me to use part of my 0 dollar salary to pay for a phone with no service.

I guess so.

Father: so, will you use a payphone to call us?

(haha- society with no cell phone= an unknown world)


  1. Hey, you might not know me but I think we met one time at vegan and I see you around. Anyways, I really got a kick out of this entry of yours. and not having a cell phone would be so liberating! Along with having no hair..


  2. haha glad this could bring some joy