Tuesday, January 4, 2011

tid bits from Ohio

I'm currently sitting in the Boston Airport with Mattie after 3 days of travel. To Pittsburgh by car, and hanging out with Sam, then bussing to NYC and see Mike, and then another bus to Boston. Which is where we are waiting for Agent to to arrive to the east coast, and Nikki to come pick us all up--- and onto Machias! (and picking up Kbar and Tracy in Portland, too!).

Colin and Kayla get down on the banjo

Lime Sugar cookies---- a brilliant idea (if i do say so myself), needs a bit of perfection before the recipe finds its way on here...

I spent a wintery afternoon at the Stratford Ecological Center (as very recommended by Joe Brehm) with Miss Leslie. Farm animals, fields, green house, hiking trails, library, and more cool things. Totally worth checking out, it's very close to delaware.

Just eating a Sweet Potato Pie... fresh in the mail from New Orleans! Along with other amazing things... like the most magnificent snow flake I've ever seen, very cute patches (galore!), and my cannot-die water bottle! Aww... Erin!

And then I found this gem on photobooth... new haircuts! (well- new at the time- when these were taken in Baltimore)

Getting crafty with super hero capes for the boys...

Finn opening his up on Christmas (ok- they had no idea what it was...)

Sporting some pretty great capes... with magnet connectors (emmas idea!) around the neck

And Kayle checking out (and enjoying?) her stuffed rocket ship... on theme with the capes of course!

Dad hanging with Kayla

Elefun with grandma (who is cut off here...). Woo!

Installing the bunk beds... you know-- big boy beds.

My attempt at recreating the BEST pancakes ever--- from Bubba's in NYC. Attemp--- semi successful. More on this soon(ish)...

A vagabond jewelry box Emma made me... little flaps for earnings, pockets, and loops to connect in necklaces. And it all rolls up-- to result in a easy to carry, tangle free jewelry box! So good!

It is very nice to know I have a packed (!!!) schedule ahead of me and my days of putzing around my mothers house are over (for now). But, it wouldn't be so nice if I didn't have that break with the family and time with friends.

Maineward ho!

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  1. 1. vagabond is a sweet word. i should use it more often.

    2. that is the most beautiful (and creative) jewelry box I have ever seen.

    3. that pancake isn't too far from being a piece of art, either.

    4. Nephew capes! And niece banjo! darling!

    5. I've got to take this cat thing a notch down; people are going to start thinking I have a problem.

    6. (that was a really beautiful day with you, though; I'll have to return for one of their classes!)

    lovvvvvveeee yeww!