Monday, September 5, 2011

between then and now

just a quick post with some photos from the time between the Blackfly Ball and... now!

{serving food, in underwear}

{flag team dancing with Hungry March}

{long line of baked goods!}

{emma and jeremiah came for the blackfly ball- FROM OHIO! its such a big and amazing deal!}

{orange river jazz band}

{dancing on the waterfall stage. so, so beautiful}

{Ukulele Orchestra- a machias specialty)

{Shirim Klezmer Orchestra--- partly funded by my first grant!}

{Hurray for the Riff Raff}

{hungry march headed over the bridge...}

{with a line of dancing people behind them}

{we went hiking on the oh-so-beautiful bold coast}

{and Caroline- emmas friend from school- came too, it was so cool to hang out with her}

{AND mattie came!}

{pretty pools, pretty boys}

{and as quickly as my lovely ohio folk came, they went. and then i went hiking up mount katahdin- the largest peak in Maine (5000 ft or so), with some lovely bee folk.}

{agent- who scaled the mt faster than anyone else- did it with a busted appendix (without knowing it). She's doing much better now... but what the heck!?}

{we made it to the top--- pride flag wavin'}

{camping, cooking, friends}

ok! thats all I've got. Tomorrow, I'll leave for the start of a 10 or 11 week tour, where I'll be going through Minnesota, Kansas, Missori, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, OHIO (!!!!!!), New York, Ontario... plus or minus some places probably.

{it will look something, sorta, like this! only less pixilated, and more clear... or something}

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  1. many things could be said, but in reference to the b&w photo with you/Jeremiah ..... when did Will Klatt get to the ball?!