Monday, October 4, 2010


Appalachia Rising was really amazing! I was a little worries about it, heading to DC and trying to make things happen there made me think twice about it, but it was really amazing. There was two days of conference stuff (Sat and Sun), which I unfortunately was unable to participate in at all (beehive stuff), but I generally heard good things from folks about it, and people were giving off good vibes in every direction.

We were set up in the hallway, and it was the first time I was able to participate in returning the poster to the people who shared their stories with the bees. It felt really good to be there working with the Bees and working with so many amazing people all working towards the same goal.

Erin sharing the poster with a group of people huddled around in the hallway.

Reverend Billy and the church of life after shopping spread the gospel of ending mtr.

Lovely music filling the room

The next morning, on Monday, folks gathered at Liberty Park in DC for the mass mobilization. The weather was not good- rainy rainy rainy- but still people came out in drives- at least 1,000 showed up to march but very possibly more. There were speakers, musicians, and lots of people doing their best to take on big coal and end mountaintop removal.

Bees Plannin'

I say Mountain You say Justice!
Good Ol Uncle Scam...


One: We are the people
Two: You can't ignore us
Three: You cannot blow up mountains!

Holdin up giant banners sure does make your arms tired...

Making jams and keeping energy high

Hugs for friends who have to leave

Always remember to get in a good dance before being arrested


Over one hundred people were arrested outside the white house during the action, as they refused to leave until the mountains stopped being destroyed.

Exhausted bees at the end of a long weekend

Check out the video of the action! And there's been lots of media around it, including from Democracy Now!


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