Saturday, October 2, 2010

visiting ohio

feels super weird to say that i 'visited' ohio. didn't i live there for the past 23 years??

I failed to take many photos of the good ol' OH... but took a few when I remembered...

gems on noses with super cute boys named finn.

pot luck and friends!

Open mic at the union. Dandelion sings... with backup dancers!

beehive poster in the office of sustainability! yay!

bobb hatt!

and on my trip to the midwest- i went to court for g20 stuff (yup- that was a full year ago). After my lawyer showed up late (awesome!) I found out that they had double booked the court room and could not hold my case that day. Cool! So I had two options 1) take a plea or 2) postpone. So, I took a plea- seeming as I don't know where I'll physically be in a week let alone 3 months and have no income to continue paying for things like flights to Pitt. So, that sucked. But! On a good note, the ACLU has put together a suit against the police for their uncalled for actions the night I (and many others) were arrested. So here's to wishing the folks able to partake in the suit some very serious luck (and justice).

and now- i'm in Troy, NY and need to get ready for a workshop this afternoon. Yay!

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