Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Human Powered Carnival

Half way between the September meetings, some of us broke away to go to the Human Powered Carnival. Super fun. There was a theme of gnomes- which apparently those who live on the land the carnival is held on- hate gnomes. making it an ironic theme.

Teter Totter that goes in circles, too!

Sometimes our socks match. Ok, often.

Yo Yo Swings!

Roller rink!

Waiting in line for the Take-A-Break booth.

Stand up swing.

A play about gnomes... of course.

Part of the Circus show, this woman just swallowed that sword shes holding.

They also juggled fire, ate glass, hammered a nail up their nose, did a burlesque show, had a skit, rode unicycles, and other cool things.

Steal Wool+String+lighter fluid= really cool

Music, Music, Music time!

The view of the fire from the swings!

Mystery Tattoos!

Tattoo success!

Nap time!

Vroom! Time to go home...

Just a dead timber wolf- hangin with diapers. (wtf??)


  1. damn those roller rink shots are amazing. hard to believe such a thing exists!

  2. that picture of you on the swings is ADORABLE.....i put it on my desktop