Monday, September 13, 2010

and September Begins...

Well- the work party is over. Summer is over. Fall is coming in... and things are changing a lot with the season (as it should be). Ian has deemed the fall "autumn of abraiding." Abraid means to awake or to arouse... so the theme seems appropriate for my fall as well.

So now, I'm currently sitting in an airport in Burlington Vermont waiting for a flight. I was in vermont for the human powered carnival (photos to come later!) and am now waiting for a flight to Columbus, Ohio. Really excited to be back for a bit before jetting off again.

After getting pounds upon pounds of wild blueberry's from our lovely friends who were raking them, i started a Jam Making marathon.

Michaela and I ended up making about 4 dozen jars of it for the hive this winter.

We had a to-do list to get ready for Hurricane Earl. Turns out it was a bit of an pver reaction and the storm wasn't anything more than a regular heavy rain...

The morning of the storm we decided to head out to Jasper Beach to watch the storm roll by. So we all got decked out in our rain gear and worked on heading out the door...

The waves were pretty big... taller than me by the time they hit the shore. But we still made sure the ocean knew we wanted something more... so we all yelled at it together "Is that all you got!?!"

It was barely raining by the time we got there, so we decided to just play in the ocean instead.

We definately had to brace ourselves against the waves.

buried feet.

Sometime they were big enough to knock us down, and sometimes drag us around a little bit. Don't worry, no one got washed into the ocean.

Cute to the max.

Bloody knees... you won this round, ocean.

Erin made blueberry pies! They were so good! (please not the Bees and Beehive...)

We started the September meetings... I could only stay for the first week though. Here we were planning tour routes... Midwest, Appalachia, East Coast, West Coast, South West... lots of tours. lots of stops. Tour updates posted here!

I made Chamomile Shortbread Cookies with honey glaze on top for the True Cost of Coal presentation at the Grange this past week. I think the recipe needs some tweaking before I put it up...

Giving our 32 ft Banner a closer look as the presentation started... lots of folks showed up and the presentation went so well- Can't wait to learn to give the presentation myself!

Well... its getting close to plane time. See you in ohio?

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