Sunday, September 5, 2010

Work Party: Week 4 etc

After the Ball, things got a lot more quiet. A lot of folks left Machias, but we still had around 20 for most the last week in August. There was a shift in work load, since we were no longer functioning around an event, and things slowed down a bit.

After the ball, lots of love letters were left. Some of them got really cute, used lots of bee puns, and sometimes even left little gifts- such music from The Auroratones!
We worked on scrapping the front doors the the Clark Perry house. They're orignial and needed a lot of love, but after about 20 hours of work, one door is done!

We also worked on making a sign for Mano en Mano (Hand in Hand). And Brea taught me how to use a circular saw (cool!!).

It looked really beautiful when we were done.

We had a sleep over in the Grange. Cute.We tore up the bathroom floor after some water got all over the place, to find a beautiful hardwood floor. Matt's been working super hard on it for a really long time, it's going to look so good when it's done!

Morning yoga at the grange.

The first ever publicly advertised Beehive presentation at the Grange. It went really well and there will be another one on September 9th.

We had our last skill share. We learned how to darn a sock and Woods taught us some hobo biking tricks- like knots quickly but tautly and things he suggests bringing with you on a trip.

We went to Roque Bluffs to hang out, and go swimming. The water here is pretty cold, but it was so much fun. I haven't been in an ocean since I was probably like 7 years old.

There were tons of really delicious rose hips in hedged between the road and the beach. We all snacked on them- a lot.


We also made a pinata on the beach- for Emilys friends birthday. I didn't see the end of it, but it was going to be a blueberry, since they worked in the Blueberry fields together.


After the beach, we went to take out and all had ice cream, sweet potato fries, and other goodies- like the biggest sundae- ever!

Post meal massages.

A bunch of us took a day trip to the American Folk Festival- in Bangor- and stopped at a little gas station filled with all sorts of thing- including peanut butter fudge!

Erin came with her mom, who was visiting for the week from Florida! Yay moms!

We saw lots of great music there. And even though it was called the American Folk Festival, a lot of it was from around the world. I only caught a handful of bands but Le Vent du Nord was my favorite one, they were so good!

Some friends left that day on a Greyhound in Bangor.

On the way home, on of our cars broke down.

Woods and I hitched back into town and Erin and her mom stayed with the car to wait for the tow truck. We just heard from the mechanic that the car is no longer functional. Making it the 2nd car since July to quit on us. Uhg.

And now, the work party is for real over. Very few folks are still around, fall weather is rolling in- in a very beautiful welcoming way, and we've started September meetings. Which- should go on for about two weeks. We'll break for fun times in Vermont this weekend, and then I'll jet off to Ohio for a brief but exciting visit before leaving again for fall tour.

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