Friday, February 5, 2010

Michigan or bust

It's raining. It's been raining all morning, from when I woke up to now, and I don't see it stopping. Everywhere else in Ohio, it's snowing. No, not in Athens. Rain. Figures.

I had this plan, a grand adventure. An old friend from high school and I were going to head to Michigan. Why Michigan? Well, it touches Ohio and I've never been there. That seems a little nuts. So when my friend who I have not really seen or even spoken to in oh- 4 years- suggested an adventure this winter- I couldn't resist.

Yes please, Michigan please.

I was supposed to leave today. Head to Columbus and meet him and then on to Michigan. What were we going to do there? I don't know. Have fun mostly (hopefully). But mother nature has a way of changing plans, she runs on her own schedule and doesn't stop for anyone. So even though this rain is still rain, it's supposed to turn to hail, to snow. It is snow everywhere else. And, as my friend advised, and as my mother advised, and as my co-worker advised- the trip is no more.

In all honesty, I was pretty bummed. This was going to be 1) fun 2) an adventure and 3) a non political out of state trip. I was going to catch up with an old friend, in the best way possible- trapped in a car for many hours. I was going to see something new. Cross another border. But now, I'm stuck in Athens. That's what I thought to myself, great. Athens.

Wait! What the hell am I talking about? Great! Athens! I love athens, i love the people here. This place and these people that within a few months, will no longer be where I sleep at night? And I'm feeling bitter for getting 'stuck' here for a weekend?

So, let's rethink this. No, I'm not going to Michigan. No I'm not catching up with a friend. Yes, those two things are downers. But! I can...

- go hiking in the snow! maybe even backpacking for a short while!
- hang out with friends- lovely and amazing friends!
- go to the farmers market!
- bake bread!
- go see great music around town!
- go see the vagina monologues- for my first time!
- pump out some school work as to assure my ability to go on a non political out of state trip with my kick ass nephews (and sister, and brother in law)!
- read from a book I want to read!
- sleep and avoid getting sick (which- I fear I am on the verge of)!

I can enjoy the moment!!!!! Woo!
Athens! Love! Friends! Winter!

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