Wednesday, February 24, 2010

when all elese fails...

mtr work
travel/see country
constant adventure
meet new people often
healthy home/community
very close relationship with a few people
draw attention nationally
less resistance/welcomed
now or never
maybe non profti, maybe americorp

hard to see direct results
very far from family
lack of sense of place
develop less meaningful relationships
time in car
(maybe) no debt payment/non profit status

mtr work
direct connection to land, people, effect
non profit status/debt payment
close(er) to family
steady home
already have relationships
develop new/strong relationships
ability to work (for money) when need be in ohio
community connection

cowboy culture/in house dynamics
mental health/safe space questionable
need for long term commitment (community)
unaddressed privilege
unconnected person/social choices
environment health- air, water
emotionally challenging/outsider/unwelcome by many

close to home
know the ropes
feel connected to place/not fleeing
meaningful work/fulfillment
paid (actual money!)
nonprofit status/debt payment
fulfill a very real need
able to garden/build a home
connect to community other than 'work'
build on established relationships
meet new people

stay in ohio
student organizing/same/no break
stagnation (leads to settling down!)
start debt repayment--> continue debt repayment
need reliable car
housing/food cost

i think what it comes down to is now or never. yikes.

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  1. i know these options. #1 = bees #2 = columbus. we've got an open room after next month :0)