Monday, July 5, 2010

a good sign

today, i braved the world of listening to my 'athens' playlist. music from athens. i had to stop listening to it the day i left, because it made me feel too sad and made me miss being there too much.

but! today was a good sign. when i turned it on, the first song to play was naturally 'so much fun' by spooktober but the magical part, was that it didn't make me sad, it made me really happy. i figured this is a good sign that my summer has been going well.

since leaving Erins farm in Gill (she let us take her car- which is a stick shift- so i was really nervous to drive it and had to be the only driver), we headed out to meet up with everyone else near stranton (ME). And on the 4th a few of us went out with Kehben to the 4th of July parade in athens, ME. We missed the parade but caught the end of this totally ridiculous and wonderful skit thing the folks there put on every year. each year, it has a different theme- this year it was about the oil spill.

i wish i had photos, but i don't. so image a bunch of people all decked out in america gear, cheering on a diy theater presentation that basically says fuck you corporations and government- this is our country. it's way more crazy than that just made it sound. damn, i really should have taken a photo.

then today we left straton and drove to machias. on the drive, the car almost broke down! i'm not even kidding. it had a really hard time going up hills or downshifting, so we pulled off. we pulled out the owners manual and found out it was the a) belt or b) alternator. a fella who worked at the truck stop told us it was the alternator and we would be able to drive it home without it breaking down. this makes it- 4/4 cars i spent time in since leaving athens ohio that have had a least minor problems. i blame my mother for this super power.

and now i'm in machias. erin and i made dinner with a fella who was taking care of the cats and then i got a tour of the HUGE house. it's insane. i'm going to get a tour or town and bike to the beach tomorrow! so exciting!

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