Thursday, July 8, 2010

a new view

(The Beehive Collective house. It's a very old house, 100+ years and was the home of a lumber extactor- which is ironic. Apparently the Beehive is the first non-blood relatives to own the place. It's way larger than it looks here and has strange things in it- like this super windy tight stair case that goes from the kitchen to the upstairs (in addition to the main stairwell). I can only assume it was for servants to use.)

(This is one of those funny fancy things about the house. You can tell it's a metalic wall paper- but what you can't see is that the pattern is velvet! It's all fuzzy! It's SO strange...)

(my bed room! i'm sharing it with 2 others right now. one of which is- presumably- very short term- and the other has the same time line as me. it's possible someone will move out into another bed room- but for now at least- bed, sweet bed.)

(this is the bad little falls. it's where fresh water meets salt water. this is about a 3 min walk from the house, and is right below the grange hall. it's super pretty!)

(and just a shot from the bees at the ussf- so many folks around all the time- it was great!)

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