Thursday, July 29, 2010

The True Cost of Coal

Holy Shit!

We launched the True Cost of Coal today! You may have gotten an email from the beehive today (if not- you should be signed up) letting you and the rest of the world know- we did it! It's done!

Not only is the coal poster officially hatched- but so is a new website and particularly a new webstore that look SO great and are so much easier to use then the last one!

And, as to be expected- i made cupcakes to celebrate! The whole hive has been super busy getting things ready and up, but there have been a dedicated few who have been zombies to the computer in order to get things out and ready. So for them particularly- celebration cupcakes were in order.

Also, other very exciting news from the Beehive. I'm going to go on tour with the hive this fall! I don't know exactly where the tour will lead me- possibly down the east coast- but I'll be traveling from mid september to mid december. That means I'll be back in Ohio for the holidays and have decided to stay until mid January- which means I'll have an entire month for family and friends, central ohio, athens, and clevland! Then- to rock creek, WV- to give it a whirl and see what I can make work. (What I have yet to problem solve is my court date- but that will work out- right?)


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