Friday, July 23, 2010

Jasper Beach

They last day Caleb and Ben were around, we went to Jasper Beach which is just about 10 miles away from the Grange. The drive was really pretty and you could see fishing boats out in different bays, and you really saw how big of a difference the tides being out made. It looks sort of like a sandy beach, but it's not sand, it's mud. They car ride was really hilly and both Erin and I felt a little car sick, plus I was driving a stick shift which always makes me nervous.

(Ben and Erin hanging out on the rocky shore of Jasper Beach. Seaweed Head.)

It was a really beautiful day though, and when we got there we walked across thousands of rocks- from the size of my fist to almost sand- which is what makes up the beach. One of my favorite noises is when the waves crash in, and then pull the rocks back. I might have already said that, but I really like it. We all took off our shoes and waded in, but it was so cold I didn't go further than my calves and I still didn't last very long.

(Ben went swimming, even though the water is so cold it kind of hurts)

(Erin and Caleb skipping rocks and hanging out and such)

On the way back, we went around to the Take Out place here. On our way, we got pulled over. Apparently you can't have someone riding in the back of a truck in Maine... who knew? (not me). The cop rolled up and kept eyeing Caleb (who was hanging out oblivious to the fact that his sitting choice was why we were pulled over).

Cop: (hand on gun, being irritated as we search for the registation and can only seem to find unpaid parking tickets)
Erin: I can't find the registration.
Me: uhh
Cop: (standing with hand on gun)
Erin: (searching, searching, calling Kbar, no answer, an answer...)
I need Kbar, emergency, emergency! (lost call)
Erin: I don't know...
Cop: let me run your license...
(comes back, hand still on gun)
You know it's youre responsibility as the driver. You would get a ticket, not him. And you need to know where the registration is before you borrow your friends truck... condescending... condescending... i'm a dude... and i'm a cop... and you're a girl... and you're friend is black... and i'm a dude cop.
Me: we won't do it again officer...

Anyway, then we get to take out. It's the best take out ever, and the place is painted with red, white, and blue stripes and there are american flags all over the place, but there are also a bunch of pride flags. it seems delightfully ironic to me. the food is good, they have really great sweet potato fries, and HUGE portions of ice cream. My favorite so far has been blueberry, I think they add blueberries to it themselves but I'm not sure. It's really good. Everyone else really loves the Haddock Burger- which is a local fish.

(Take Out, from about a week or so before the Jasper beach trip)

and then we went home, and got back to work (yippie!)

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