Friday, July 2, 2010

the story of jessica

I took very few photos on my yellowstone adventure, but took a few gems.

(amazing cinnamon rolls, courtesy of sonia, providing a much needed breakfast after trying to sleep in a tent during the worst thunder storm- ever- in Missouri)

(big sky)

(our amazing camp site, one of the few nights without any rain, after driving 14 hours on 2 hours of sleep, in wyoming. most stars i've ever seen)

(stopping to look at cool rocks and the sunset, near Wyoming, maybe in it)

(our own little water fall, at our campsite we had after backpacking almost 1000 ft up a mountain. lovely.)

it feels like it was so long ago already, that it seems strange to write about it. and i have a lot of work on my plate already, but wanted to get a brief update out there.

i'm currently in a coffee house, in Greenfield, Massachusetts, hoping that the car gets fixed soon and i can be on my way to Maine. This is the third car I've been in since leaving Athens that has some sort of malfunction. the car to yellowstone got low on transmission fluid and we had a scare (that ended up being totally fine). the truck i left detroit in had a broken fan, which also runs the coolant pump and almost killed it's self as we pushed it a little too hard. then the car i rode to out of toledo in and towards maine, had an engine misfire and erin and i have been stuck in Gill since. With some very serious luck, it will be fixed today and we can carry on. but, more likely we'll be here at least another day (and hang out with baby ducks at the farm our friend lives on!).


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