Monday, July 26, 2010

homesick and bike ride cure

Yesterday was an unreasonable hard day. I missed Athens, a lot. I missed my friends, a lot. I missed my family, a lot. I was homesick. I don't know that I've ever felt very homesick before. Maybe that's because Athens felt so much like home pretty quickly, or that it was so close to where I grew up. Maybe it's because every time I've been away I've known it wasn't that long until I returned. Or maybe because for the first time in my life I really felt connected to a place and to the people there, and have a fear that those connections will fade away the longer I'm away.

I got a photo message on facebook, that on any other day would have made me really happy but that day, made me cry.

And I had a headache and have generally been feeling slightly ill. Plus a continuous back ache that is reminiscent of the kind I used to get in highschool. All of this lead to a really awful mood that I couldn't shake. So, I decided to go for a bike ride. I got all ready, and literally as I was ready to walk out the door, it began to rain. The world was actively working against me.

But that night was a full moon bike ride, which I had forgotten about, until I was reminded about 10 min before we needed to leave.

Anyone want to go on the full moon bike ride?
Well... actually... yes.

So I went for a ride. It felt so good. My biggest challenge was remembering that I wasn't actually flying and closing my eyes as I let go of my handle bars was not the safest idea. I got back to the house and felt SO much better. My body was happier, and so was my mind.

Today I woke up and decided to forget yesterday and start fresh. Favorite skirt, check. Bow in my hair, check. Ready to get some work done, check. Come downstairs and bam! A lovely message in my fb inbox and a great letter laying on top of my computer.

(a view from a random spot along the bike route. this part of maine has the biggest tidal changes in the world- so in high tide all that crazy sand/mud would be ocean water. woah.)

And I decided to go for that same bike ride I did last night during the day and see it a little better (and go completely at my own pace). The Music: Janina's mix she made me before I left Athens (perfect). The ride is just over 11 miles, and I was out for well over an hour when I added in some stretching over the Bad Little Falls.

(look mom! I'm wearing a helmet! {no seriously- i took this so my mom would be proud i've started wearing a helmet)

Got home, and the whole house smells like amazing dinner, which I can't wait for.

I am so spoiled.


  1. Dearest Molly,

    Josh Herzer and Eddie Barnes met up with me Saturday night and joined me (and my father) for a Cleveland Indians Baseball game Sunday.
    We talked a lot-- and before Josh left today he told me:
    "it was really funny, when you were talking last night I noticed some Molly Shea nuances-- I don't know if it was the way you spoke, or what you were saying, or the way you turned your body in a given moment, but it reminded me of her."
    And I said: "there's no one else I'd rather accidentally emulate."

    Reading what you wrote about missing make my heart ache a little bit-- 1. because I've always been guilty of being prematurely nostalgic for people and places that aren't even gone-- and 2.-- because I didn't find myself with any answers, and instead just felt your words as I read them and thought: yes.

    It is natural to fear the fading of those friendships, but I really believe that some of them surprise us-- some of them surprise us and supersede time and distance.

    And I cannot speak for any one else you love, but:
    Molly Shea, I. am. not. going. anywhere. from. your. life.

    (I promise).

    love always,